Horizontal cartoner for pharmaceutical applications

Automatic cartoning for cosmetic or pharmaceutical products is a requirement for all but the lowest volumes of production. Modern machines that can operate either standalone or as part of bespoke line offer the maximum flexibility to manufacturers. High accuracy and reliability are key to ensuring this vital part of the packing process allows your line to operate at maximum efficiency.

Flexible cartoner for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

The A1 Cartoner from FamarTec is an alternate motion cartoning machine for the horizontal packaging of pharmaceutical products and cosmetics inside pre-glued cartons. The A1 can be operated as a standalone machine, or it can be coupled to a packaging machine such as a blister packer, tray loader, tube-filler, etc. It has an optimum capacity of 100 cartons per minute.

Designed to GMP standards, the A1’s balcony construction allows complete access to all parts of the machine, simplifying routine maintenance and service, as well as carton changeover. Brushless motors are used throughout for increased reliability, longevity and efficiency.

A range of closure methods can be accommodated, including slot, glue or combined glue and slot flap closure, and the machines are set up for the assembly of dedicated feed units for the product to be packed.

The compact layout and quick changeover makes the A1 ideal for almost all lines and production areas. The addition of a touchscreen control panel with icon control makes it simple and easy to operate and monitor.

A large range of optional units enables you to tailor A1 to your exact requirements. Options include automated instruction leaflet insertion, barcode reading, OCR/OCV systems for pre-printed codes and data, inspection systems to confirm the presence of instruction inserts and product within cartons, stamping, inkjet or laser coding systems, tamper-evident systems for glue or label tampering, and full integration with serialisation systems.


  • Standalone or integrated cartoner operating at up to 100 cartons per minute
  • Full range of options and add-ons to meet your exact production requirements
  • Slot, glue or combined closure methods are available
  • Designed and built to full GMP standards suitable for pharmaceutical production
  • Open construction for rapid changeover and ease of maintenance and operation