Fluid bed dryer for production scale

Fluidized bed drying (FBD) is a common process in the pharmaceutical industry for drying compounds to achieve the required moisture content, as well as applying coatings or binders before further processing prior to the tablet formulation. For production-scale processes, a fluid bed dryer needs to be robust, easy to operate and flexible enough to handle continuous operation.

Dry pharmaceutical compounds with increased control and reduced maintenance time

The Sejong D Series is a production scale fluid bed dryer for use in the pharmaceutical industry, or in any scenario where powder fluid processes are required.

The D Series has been designed to offer a robust production unit with the highest levels of safety and operator ease of use. All valves, seals, flanges and weld points have been designed to be 12 bar pressure resistant. The ergonomic user interface uses graphical representations to allow a single operator to manage all aspects of the machine setup, running and discharge. Recipe systems allows full automation of the whole drying process, without user intervention.

The D Series filter system uses pulse blowback air to clear dust from the filters. This allows for a highly consistent fluid flow and can reduce the production time. For ease of maintenance, the in-built winch is computer-controlled to allow for quick and accurate filter maintenance.

For cleaning, the D series adopts a Clean in Place system using 3 low-flow rotary nozzles which are placed directly inside the body of the machine and powered by a high-pressure pump. This allows maximum cleaning performance with low water flow and minimal downtime.


  • Robust construction, built to 12 bar pressure resistance throughout
  • Designed for single operator ease of use
  • Variety of capacities available up to 1000l to suit all production needs
  • Advanced filter maintenance reduces downtime and increases fluid bed performance
  • Quick and simple cleaning with built-in CIP system