Filling machine for creams

Liquid cosmetics have particular requirements when it comes to filling and capping containers. Moreover, the clean-up between product changeover can take a significant amount of time. By adopting a modern modular filling and capping solution with integrated CIP systems you can benefit from reduced downtime and increased throughput.

Modular filling and capping solution for liquid cosmetic and pharmaceutical products

The Logyka Care is a purpose-designed, modular filling and capping unit made to process liquids, fluids and high viscous products. Suitable for both cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, all components that contact the product are constructed of mirror-finished AISI 316L stainless steel.

In order to meet all sanitary requirements, the fill module uses electromagnetic or mass flow meters to reduce the amount of moving parts in contact with product.Full electronic control of filling, dosing and capping parameters is by means of HMI control panel. Changeover is therefore fully automatic with minimal downtime involved.

Innovative CIP/SIP system with full electronic control is fitted as standard. Suitable for use with any liquid, this system reduces wash time by 85% and power consumption by 75%. Again, this contributes to very rapid changeover times.

The capping unit can be specified with capping heads controlled by either magnetic clutches or brushless motors. This provides the ultimate flexibility to process screw caps, pressure caps, or even off-axis pressure caps.


  • Patented automatic CIP/SIP system reduces wash times by 85%
  • Can be specified built to GMP standards and suitable for pharmaceutical use
  • Capping unit can process screw caps and pressure caps
  • Flow meter equipped for sanitary use