End of line system for bottling plants

As your businesses grow and you’re looking to reduce costs, a highly flexible, end of line system that can adapt to your sector’s specific needs is what you need. With the right system in place you can boost productivity and keep costs down by reducing space, staff, energy, materials and time.

Integrated system to design, build and manage your whole end of line

The OCME Blox system let you design, build and manage the whole end of line, such end of line system for bottling plants combines the entire dry part of your production line into a single, integrated and synchronized monoblock that takes up only 35×14 meters of space.

Efficiently managing all the line as a single machine, Blox is controlled by a single operator, and helps ensure shorter distances, simplification of the label change, an automatic label splicer, external and integrated reel holder (that is ergonomic and easy to reach), an integrated handle applicator placed outside the machine, one operator panel, and an automatic film slicer.


  • Cost-reduction for whole end of line
  • Reduction of energy consumption by up to 36 percent
  • Space reduction
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Unprecedented levels of flexibility