Depositor for aerated masses

Do you want to work with the most delicate aerated masses and maintain the highest quality products? Traditional depositors are often too aggressive with them, leading to uneven product quality. You need a gentle yet flexible depositor that can deliver perfect results with a wide range of delicate ingredients.

Gentle delivery of all types of aerated masses with precision – every time

The Aasted ESA aerated mass depositor has been designed from the ground up to deliver perfect results with aerated masses. It’s closed hopper and closed head design works flawlessly with both high and low viscosity masses.

Offering complete flexibility, the ESA’s specifically designed pistons coupled with gentle and accurate movements will preserve both finer air bubbles as well as large visible air bubbles to fit your product requirements.

For even more possibilities options include oscillating hopper movements during deposits and built-in mould lifting if required.


  • Precision gentle handling of aerated masses and fat-fillings to preserve best product quality
  • Easy to clean and maintain for less downtime - c-frame design allows easy access and movement to and from the line
  • Although gentle, at 3,000kg per hour capacity and 20 strokes per minute production volumes are high
  • Flexible options allow for a wide range of product to be produced from the one unit