Dense phase conveyor for normal wearing materials

Dense phase pneumatic conveying is used for powders, granules, and grains that can be turned into fluids. Efficient, problem-free transport of materials requires good control over conveying velocity, air-to-material ratio, and other transport parameters.

Transport normal wearing materials with complete control

GA pneumatic conveyors from GVF Impianti are ideal for dense phase conveying of normal wearing materials. These conveyors feature a pneumatic, PN16, butterfly valve with an option to install a double loading butterfly valve. GA conveyors have Vessel fluidizing air jets and are available in sizes of 24lt to 3000lt. The outlet unit is constructed with NiHard cast iron for wear resistance and equipped with rotary flanges. GA conveyors feature a PLC control panel with a touch-screen interface and an electro-pneumatic control panel in the box allowing complete control of all transport parameters. They are very compact with all accessories mounted on the machine’s edge. GVF conveyors work silently and are easy to operate. Applications include conveying fine or granular solids including carbon black, resins, beans, nuts, and grains.



  • Minimize installation time with easy-to-install design
  • Durable, wear-resistant construction for a long operational life
  • Complete control over transport parameters with PLC and pneumatic control panels
  • Improve your work environment with silent operation
  • Environment-friendly with no emissions or dispersants

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