Air dehumidifier for bulk products

When your product or process is sensitive to humidity, using an air dehumidifier may result in substantial savings on the running costs of your plant.

Precise humidity and temperature control

The Air dehumidifiers from Ventilex come in a variety of configurations depending on air volumes, temperature range, available energy, and any need for additional biocidal capacity. The systems keep the air at a constant, precise humidity regardless of weather conditions or load variations.

Any manufacturing or processing operation, that is humidity, temperature, or micro-organism sensitive, is a natural application for a dehumidification system. Whether your space conditions are 25 ºC and 20% RH, or 5ºC and 40% RH, or even –20ºC and –40ºC dew-point, the system can provide those conditions every day. The result is a better bottom line.

Ventilex Drygenic air dehumidifier is easy to operate, eliminates airborne micro-organisms, and saves energy and investment costs.


  • Precise humidity and temperature control
  • Most energy friendly system in the world
  • Microbiological decontamination; kills up to 97% of all air born bacteria,
  • High efficiency
  • Performance reliability and very long life span
  • Low running costs and minimal maintenance