Aerator for high-viscosity media

Highly viscous ingredients in both the food and chemical processing industries require specialized process equipment.  Production of consistent foams from highly viscous ingredients is vulnerable to equipment fouling, inconsistent mixing, and varying foam densities.  For these reasons, a high degree of process control and a high-quality temperature-controlled mixing head are essential.

Accurately mix and aerate a wide variety of high viscosity food and non-food ingredients.

The Top-Mix from Hansa Mixer is an aerator for high-viscosity media. It comes in two distinct variants, one for the food industry, and one for non-food industries such as plastics and chemicals processing. The aerators are essentially the same as the food industry variant including design options for compliance with food industry standards and regulations.  Top-Mix is a mixing and aerating/frothing system for high viscosity liquids designed for flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency.   The systems provide continuous mixing, aeration, whipping, or frothing in a well-controlled process to achieve your desired output products.  They are well suited to pilot plants and laboratories but also perform well on a production scale.  The mixing head is fabricated from a single piece and is temperature-controlled in both the rotor and stator.  A wide variety of liquid substrates can be processed including those with crystalline and particle percentages, cold or hot mixtures, mixtures of liquids and powders, and pastes.



  • Variant for full compliance with modern hygienic standards as well as for standard industry
  • High degree of process control
  • Output capacities available from 3 to 400 Kg per hour depending on the particular model
  • Temperature controlled mixing head
  • Even the smallest quantity of material can be whipped in these machines and then transferred into larger equipment

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