Vertical paddle dryer

Enable vacuum, atmospheric and pressurized processing of a variety of materials such as powders, filter cakes, pastes and viscous slurries, especially when they are brittle and/or heat sensitive.

Fast-drying in a compact, multi-functional design

The Conical Paddle Dryer from Hosokawa Micron is a vertical, centrally-driven dryer that combines extremely fast drying rates with a compact design. This combination of several processes in one vessel offers savings on investment costs, labor and space.
Originally designed for vacuum drying of solid-based materials, but can be used in a wide range of other applications requiring thermal processing or vacuum treatment of solids.


  • Multi-purpose and multi-processing
  • Compact design
  • Batch volumes ranging from 5 to 10 000 liters
  • Extremely fast drying
  • Full compliance with international standards (FDA, cGMP, EHEDG)
  • Automated cleaning solutions with our patented CIP filter and CIP skids
  • Sterile processing (SIP) possible