Vertical cartoner for pharmaceutical applications

Many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products are sold in protective and decorative cartons. An automatic vertical cartoner can greatly increase packing efficiency by taking carton blanks and quickly forming and sealing the carton allowing product to be inserted from the top, and then closing and passing on for final packing. Even greater efficiencies are available through machine that can handle a wide variety of carton types.

Expandable pharmaceutical cartoner at lower cost

The IWK VI 5 is a flexible vertical cartoner for packing a wide range of pharmaceutical products. Able to form up to 75 cartons per minute, the VI 5 is also extremely flexible, with a very fast format change to limit downtime associated with product changeover.

For increased reliability and lower maintenance, the VI 5 is completely servo driven, maximising uptime and reducing noise and vibration.

Touch screen control panel makes monitoring operations or changing formats clear and simple for the operator, and the machine’s overall ergonomic design also makes for simple and quick cleaning.

Modular design means extensions to the transport system can be added, as well as automated product loading as an option.

The flexibility of the VI 5 means a wide array of products can be cartoned, including tubes, blister packs, vials, ampoules, cannulas, pouches, bottles and sachets.


  • Flexible cartoner for a wide variety of product types
  • Fully servo-driven for increased reliability and lower maintenance cost
  • Extremely quick product changeover minimises downtime
  • Handles any carton blank conforming to DIN 53121, or pre-glued to DIN 55222
  • Simple to operate, access and clean

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