Vacuum cabinet dryer for functional foods

When drying heat sensitive products such as vitamins and herbals, a vacuum system allows the drying process to be carried out at lower temperature to improve product quality and maintain flavour, aromas and nutrients.

Gentle chamber drying of viscous liquids and granules

Bucher’s DryCab is a vacuum drying cabinet for heat sensitive foods such as functional foods and nutraceuticals. Horizontally installed heating plates enable a minimum amount of dead space, creating an active heating surface up to 88 m2. The drying cabinet has an evaporation capacity from 0.5 to 250 kg/h. It can process vacuum down to 0,5 mbar and has a heating range from 20 to 140 °C. Bucher Unipektins’ vacuum drying cabinet is available from lab size to industrial scale with a working volume from 2.5 to 2,500 litres.

Example processing applications include soup ingredients, fruit and vegetable powders, vitamins, and malt extracts. Extension with freeze drying technology or Zeolite reactors enable handling of even more delicate products to prevent loss of aroma or change of product shape, ensuring higher product quality. It is widely used for instant coffee, herbs and herbal extracts and meat pieces.


  • Allows frequent product changes
  • No oxidation and contamination
  • Gentle drying of liquids or powders
  • Available for vacuum and freeze drying