Vacuum and pressure cooker for fruits and vegetables

When producing fruit-based products such as marmalades or ice cream toppings, the process of cooking fruits needs special attention, as it can directly affect the organoleptic features of the final product. If the fruits are cooked for a long time at a high temperature, they may lose its flavor and discolor. Cooking under vacuum and below 80 °C helps preserve the flavor, color, but also vitamin content of the fruits in the most natural way possible.

Vacuum cooking fruits at low temperatures while keeping their natural taste

The Concentration Boule, from Ghizzoni, is a vacuum cooking system designed specifically for the preparation of fruit or vegetable-based products. It has a vertical cylindrical boule equipped with a scraper that prevents products from sticking to the vessel sides or burning. The vacuum cooker also features a double bottom wall for the indirect steam heating of fruits and vegetables. The vacuum technique reduces water content in the product through evaporation at low temperatures. This makes it possible to cook jams and concentrates evenly while preserving the natural taste of the product and requires less time compared to traditional cooking methods. The system has a safety feature that stops the stirring automatically when the lid is opened while cooking. This unit operates as a batch system with a capacity range from 20 kg to 7000 kg.


  • Maintains natural taste of the product
  • Less time to cook compared to traditional cooking methods
  • Safe operation (automatic stop of stirrer when the lid is open)
  • Batch system 20kg - 7,000kg
  • It can be integrated with an emulsifier

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