Tunnel washer for food containers

With an increase in demand for production across food service and manufacturing companies, the necessity for a washing system that can process high volumes of food containers, storage crates and pans from various sizes and shapes becomes evident. Such a system will not only increase the volume of processed items per hour but will also minimize the need for manual intervention and increase washing effectiveness.

High capacity conveyor tunnel washing system for containers, crates, and pans

The LCT A series by Velox Barchitta are a number of tunnel washing systems with continuous conveying in three dimensions of inner width 600 mm, 820 mm, 1100 mm with height of up to 500 mm.

The models that are part of the LCT A series can comfortably wash anywhere between 600 to 5000 crates per hour. Furthermore, if needed, they can be equipped with either standard or motorized blowers and a drying system that is 100% effective.

As per washing capabilities, the LCT a 60 210 GR unit is engineered to wash with an increased level of water abrasion. Therefore, when the crates are washed, the cleaning performance will be the same as if they were washed with a brush. This will reduce the costs for any detergent, power, and time.

All units are also integrated with a micro economizer, which makes the system most cost-efficient, a safety clutch on the belt with vertical pumps, which allow the system to completely drain away all of the wash water.

Moreover, the units are completely insulated and controlled by PLC with touch screen through which the operative can manage software with alarms, control parameters, and reports.


  • High washing capacity
  • Remote service from Internet connection and quality cycle reports
  • Can easily process a range of items that vary in shape and size
  • Minimal human intervention required