Tumbler sieve for classifying and dedusting granular materials

For the classification of delicate granular material, screen tumblers make an excellent alternative where high throughput is still required with gentle handling. This is important to many processes in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food industries, where traditional vibratory sieves and graders are too harsh for delicate materials.

High capacity tumbler for delicate, dry materials

The Virto VTU 2400 is a purpose-designed high capacity tumbler sieve capable of achieving up to 95% efficiency for particle sizes as small as 20 microns.

Especially suitable for multi-stage separation of fine, lightweight and difficult to screen products, the VTU 2400 uses three-dimensional movement for class-leading performance with powders and granules. The exact nature of the movement can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

The tumbler screen can use meshes down to 20 microns, can be supplied with anti-clogging systems composed of FDA-certified rubber spheres or ultrasound systems to your specification.

All product contact parts are constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel, and ATEX certification and full FDA conformity is available on request.

The VTU 2400 is available with 1 to 5 sieving decks, and offers a total mesh size of 4.5m2 for maximum productivity.

Solidly built for enhanced reliability, the VTU 2400 tumbler sieve is energy-efficient and quiet in operation, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • 5 times more capacity per m2 of mesh than traditional alternatives
  • High efficiency screening down to as little as 20 microns
  • Full ATEX and FDA certification available
  • Quick replacement of sieving deck thanks to deck lift system
  • Specifically designed for gentle handling of high volumes of all delicate powders and granules