Tablet counting machine

Production of pharmaceutical solid dosage forms usually require complete accuracy, flexibility, and consistency in the process. Having a high-speed counting machine might help to achieve highly accurate counting of bulk tablets or capsules, while eliminating breakage of the doses. Moreover, the machine that is easy to clean and enables fast changeover might contribute to highly efficient production process.

Counting machine for tablets, capsules, and soft gels

CVC’s electronic16 channel counter is designed for the fast and precise counting of tablets, capsules, and soft gels. The machine is designed with servo driven flaps to improve the accuracy of the pre-count functions. Moreover, it helps in increasing the operational life while reducing the need to replace pneumatically driven actuators.

Being equipped with an automatic dust compensation system, the CVC’s tablet counting machine maintains high hygienic standards. The built-in track sensors enable the machine to provide with precise and absolute control, as it can verify product count and reject damaged dosages.

The machine can handle single or double bottle discharge. It has 16V shaped counting channels per head, which can all be setups to run one bottle allowing less changeover. Another option available is using 8 counting channels to run two bottles.

Other additional options to implement, include hopper level control with tower Lamp, upside down bottle sensor, static eliminator bar, channel blocker, and floor loaded tablet pre feeder.


  • High accuracy positioning
  • Memory capacity for up to 1000 jobs
  • Prolonged operational life of drive unit
  • Reduced the frequency for replacement
  • 21CFR Part 11 Compliant