Sponge cake production line

To produce multiple sponge cake varieties and keep up with the changing industry trends, a production line requires versatility. The line must be ready to produce new products without having to go through a time-consuming format changeover. A unit that can switch formats in minutes is ideal to save time and speed up your production.

Switch between cakes through different cutting and roller configurations

The TT Italy Sponge Cake Production Line uses a turbo mixer to prepare the batter and cream materials. A roller depositor then dispenses a layer of batter on the oven belt. The line can prepare decorations before everything moves into the baking area.
After moving through the baking and cooling sections, the cakes will reach a workbench section where a longitudinal cutter and syrup dosing unit work. A filling dispenser is also suitable for filled goods.
A transversal cutter will create the proper cuts measured for your use. An ultrasonic cutter can also work with items with heavy cream content, preventing the squeezing of filling while cutting, ensuring end product uniformity and desired looks.


  • Quick format changeover for different sponge cake types
  • The cyclothermic oven controls the inside moisture of each cake
  • Suitable for layer and roll cakes
  • Supports a folding tool for multi-layered sponge cakes