Servo controlled filler

For food and non-food liquid products that are high foam or have a high viscosity a specialist filling solution is required. Whether filling jars, cans, bottles, top-downs or bowls, the filling machine needs to offer high levels of accuracy and reliability whilst being able to operate at high volumes.

Servo-controlled piston filling machine for high viscosity liquids

The EFM Servo Piston range of filling machines has been designed specifically for use with high viscosity and high foam liquids in the food, chemical and cosmetics sectors. Featuring robust all-stainless construction and high quality Siemens PLC and touchscreen control, the Servo Piston variants offer accurate and reliable fills at up to 5,200 bottle per hour.

Featuring standardised components for ease of maintenance and minimal downtime, the EFM servo piston machines are designed to handle volume ranges from 15cc up to 1,100cc depending on configuration.

For speciality products there are a wide range of options and upgrades available, including heated product tank, product agitators and nitrogen injection.

Constructed in the Netherlands, EFM also offers an optional remote support service for complete peace of mind.


  • Accurate, high-speed operation with a wide range of liquid types
  • Full range of options to allow filling of speciality products
  • Available with up to 10 filling heads for maximum throughput
  • Complete piston extraction means easier cleaning and maintenance
  • Wide range of fill volumes to meet your exact requirements

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