Positive pressure isolator

Ideal for products which have no biological risk but require high sterile conditions.

Start working in the lab under high sterile conditions

Sterilator from Telstar Life-Science is a positive-pressure isolator, which provides laminar airflow in the working chamber, making it ideal for products that require high sterile conditions.

This equipment not only provides a high level of containment against external contamination, but avoids the risk of cross contamination as they provide laminar air flow to the working chamber.


  • Working chamber & hatches in stainless steel 304
  • Microprocessor air flow control equipped with one sensor
  • Front window placed under a small angle for ergonomics, easily removed for maintenance
  • Stainless steel dripping tray underneath the air grids to remove spoil liquids
  • Glove systems (2 or 4), portsØ250 mm, with cuff ring system and latex gloves