Pharmaceutical data management software

A typical pharmaceutical production handles numerous work flow activities like management of assets, shifts, shop floor activities, production scheduling and process orders. Quality control, track and trace and supply chain are the key production control tasks. Currently, the data required to control production is stored at different locations in the company’s database, making it difficult to integrate all processes. A single centralized platform incorporating all production operations optimizes processes and maximizes production efficiency.

A complete database management system for pharmaceutical production line

Yudoo from SEA VISION is a multi-module advanced software suite that aids the pharmaceutical industry evolve from traditional production to smart digital manufacturing. It integrates numerous pharma production applications into a single platform. A centralized batch production management system monitors the work flow in real-time. Production activities for start/stop, selecting machines, cleaning, format change and printer template are controlled on lines and systems on the manufacturing site.

The system offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing all the pharmaceutical quality standards compliant with the current regulations. Sensors kits installed on the machine gather alarm signals and digitalize the data. Short- and long-term historical data collected makes way for performance analysis and monitoring. An intuitive interface prompts operators for their everyday tasks. The system also enables shift management, involving teams and assets integration. Assigning of teams to shifts helps identify inefficiencies, improves shift management and overall team performance. Role-based management guarantees that the correct individuals have access to the right information at the right time. The system integrates various tools to manage track and trace configuration and maximize the efficiency of serialized pharma production lines. It enables communication with the company’s ERP or MES, as well as other cloud-based systems for total centralized control.


  • Definition and management of all assets in the production line
  • Real-time shop-floor monitoring and quality control
  • Track and trace monitoring for serialization of production lines
  • KPI reports analysis on historical data
  • Centralized control through communication with company’s ERP