Pellet hardness tester

Control the quality of your pelletizing processes using a pellet hardness tester. Pellet hardness is one of the most critical characteristics indicating process quality, and it is essential to ensure a desirable product and efficient downstream processes. The hardness can now be measured right after the pellets have left the cooler.

Monitor your pelletizing process with a hardness tester

Amandus Kahl’s pellet hardness tester is a hand-held device that allows the user to quickly and easily monitor the quality of their pelletizing process at the source without the need for laboratory equipment. Hardness/softness is a good measure of overall pellet process quality. Using this device allows the customer to test pellet softness and immediately adjust the process parameters to achieve the desired results without delays and lost production time caused by waiting for more sophisticated laboratory equipment.

The pellet hardness tester allows a simple in-the-field quality control for the pelletizing process. The pellet tester comes in two versions, manual and automatic. An operator can periodically rotate the adjusting screw on the manual version at different speeds to retrieve multiple readings. The automatic unit is motorized and works independently, offering more consistency and better comparison of the hardness values taken by different operators due to potential variation in operator handling of the manual version.


  • Test pellets of different cross-sections
  • Test pellets up to 22mm in diameter
  • Ensures consistency and quality of the pelletizing process
  • Test samples right at the source, immediately after cooling
  • Make immediate process adjustments to ensure desirable outputs and efficient production

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