Mixing system for batter and cream

When making a cake, the proper mixing of liquid batter is critical to ensuring it looks its best. If that’s not the case, the cake will have holes caused by air bubbles and will rise unevenly.

Mixing ingredients for cream and batters via emulsification or aeration

The TT Italy Turbo Mixer for cream and liquid batters uses a three-part approach to handling your mixing needs. First, the pre-mixer prepares the necessary ingredients. It includes two separate systems for cream and liquid batter. The cream system has blades that rotate on a horizontal axis, while the batter setup has blades rotating on a vertical axis.

The buffer tank that follows, feeds the Turbo Mixer constantly. It features a stainless-steel body to keep the pre-mixed components safe from sedimentation. The patented technology of the Turbo Mixer consists of a special design of the pins (teeth) that allow better homogeneity and aeration. The mixer emulsifies and aerates the contents with air, producing a suitable specific gravity. The air or gas injection feature in the turbo head allows air to move through.


  • The double-cooling system prevents heat from being overwhelming and affecting the aeration
  • The dual temperature control system ensures the temperature stays consistent
  • Supports tank sizes from 150 to 800 liters
  • You can add a nitrogen-generating unit to provide a consistent flow of gas
  • Flexible design, suitable for limited spaces

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