Pasteurization Machine for Milk

Manual processing of dairy products can cause inconsistent quality between batches due to possible differences in parameters such as pasteurization temperature, time and mixing speed. By switching to an automatic milk pasteurization machine system, these temperature and time parameters can be set and maintained for each batch, helping you make standard dairy products with the same quality.

Heat and mix raw milk using an all-in-one system to produce dairy products

The Yo-fast from Frigojollinox is an all-in-one automatic milk pasteuriser and processing system. This piece of equipment is an ideal system for producing a wide range of different types of cheese, yogurt, ice creams, beverages and other dairy products from raw milk. It features an indirect htst heating system using a gas burner or electric heaters with a cavity for water to provide even heating distribution. High temperature heat treating and heat exchanges have never been easier! The system can also mix at variable speeds while providing heat for cooking up to 100 degrees Celsius. It can cool down the products using water from the main source or through an optional external chiller that can cool down up to 5 degrees Celsius.

This stainless steel milk processing equipment is provided with a spray shower for washing and a touch screen panel to set the time, temperature, and mixing controls. The operation can be recorded and controlled using its smart industry 4.0 system via wireless connections such as smartphone, tablet, or PC. The entire system is available in four models based on tank capacities from 24 liters to 216 liters. Depending on your pasteurization process, this machine helps to make everything simpler and more efficient. If you are looking to produce pasteurized milk or other similar products, this technology is for you.


  • Consistent product quality due to precise automatic controls (time, temperature, mixing)
  • Available in four models based on tank size (24L tank – 216L tank)
  • Integrated heating and cooling system
  • Control operations through wireless connections (smartphone, PC, tablet)
  • Standard hand shower for cleaning

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