Manual bag discharger for bakery industry

Many minor and intermediate ingredients for bakery products are delivered in bags. These can vary in size, and manual discharging can be cumbersome, slow, and create unwanted dust and particulates. A custom-designed range of bag dumping stations, suited for a wide variety of bag sizes, can be used to both feed silos and production lines directly while offering increased throughput and improved ergonomics.

Bag discharge stations for powdered and granular ingredients

The Bag Discharger Stations from Cepi offer variable-capacity operation to suit all requirements. Fully ATEX-compliant, they are available to suit all bag types (including big bags) and can be used to feed lines directly for smaller-scale operations, or to fill silos in larger-scale production.

Suitable for use with all types of powdered and granulated ingredients, the Bag Discharger Stations have been designed to operate perfectly even with abrasive materials including sugar and salt.

Featuring vibrating cone extraction, the Bag Discharger can be specified with metering by a rotary valve or by feed screw.

The built-in anti-dust filter ensures a cleaner working environment, as well as meeting ATEX requirements.


  • Designed to deal with all powders and granules, including abrasives
  • ATEX-compliant, with built-in dust filter
  • Versions available to suit all sizes of bags to meet your exact needs
  • Vibrating cone extraction for efficient discharge
  • Choice of rotary valve or feed-screw metering options for feeding lines or silos