Loading cassette for a tube filler

High performance tube-filling machines are used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Their performance is greatly enhanced by the use of automated feed-in systems, delivery the empty tubes accurately and quickly to maximise the efficiency of the filler. Loading systems are available in a variety of formats, including the flexible cassette type.

Feed cylindrical tubes via a cassette

Ensuring a constant supply of appropriately orientated empty tubes, the IWK TZM Cassette Tube Feeding Magazine is suitable to supply machines operating at up to 120 tubes per minute.

The TZM allows for uninterrupted operation because it holds tubes in a reservoir between the tube filler and tube feeding magazine. Tubes in the reservoir are processed first, meaning restocking the filler will not impact on the operation. A photo-electric backup sensor monitors

the tubes in the reservoir ensuring it does not run empty.

The TZM aligns tubes into singles by using pneumatic baffle plate movements in the magazine and the reservoir area. Individual tubes are picked up at the far end of the tube filler chute and loaded in the tube filling machine.

Suitable for use with laminar flow, the TZM gently handles tubes, minimising damage to fragile materials. The TZM is able to handle all commercially available tube materials, and operates with tubes of diameter 13.5 mm to 40 mm, and length 60 mm to 230 mm.

Size changeovers are very quick to minimise downtime and don’t require the use of any tools.


  • Simple to operate, tool-free size changes
  • Gentle tube handling, minimises dents or damage
  • Handles various tube setting patterns in their shipping boxes
  • Feeds up to 120 tubes per minute
  • The reservoir allows for constant feeding even during the refill