Lifter and De-duster for Tablets

The use of several different tools for lifting, de-dusting, and polishing in the pharmaceutical industry can be time-consuming in performing all three steps separately. The users face quality issues like non-uniformity in lifting, griminess in de-dusting, and inappropriate appearance in the production and packaging of products like capsules, tablets, and softgels. To cope with such quality issues, an automated and user-friendly solution would be a good choice for the pharmaceutical industry, saving time and maintaining the product’s overall quality.

Lifting, De-dusting, and Polishing of Tablets through Automation

HELIX, a machine series of Sensum, is an automated vertical lifter, de-duster, and polisher. Tablets, capsules, and softgel of different shapes and sizes can be used. The machine simultaneously lifts, de-dust, and polishes required tablets, capsules, and softgels. The products material is vertically lifted, de-dusted by constant air supply, and polished gently by a rotational spiral brush. It is user-friendly as the formatting of parts is not required. It has an ergonomic tool-free design with modular parts, which makes it simple and flexible to use in different scenarios and heights. The compact and mobile machine finds its applications in tablet processing or coating, bottle filling, blistering, metal checking, capsule filling, and weighting. It can also provide inline peripherals, containment solutions, and autonomous quality control.


  • Multi-functional (lifting, de-dusting, polishing)
  • Ergonomic design (modular parts, tool-free design, small footprint)
  • Ability to use with or integrate with any process or packaging machine
  • Low maintenance (Automated controlling system)
  • Easy cleaning

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