Laboratory liquid viewer for transparent glass bottles

Impurities like hair, fibers, or glass, sourced from the environment, equipment or packaging can contaminate your liquids and solutions in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and more. Likewise, the product formulation process itself may lead to some unintended contaminants like proteinaceous particles, silicone droplets, or inorganic precipitates. A testing technique incorporating special lighting will provide you an optimal solution for the particulate examination of liquids in transparent glass containers.

Detect impurities and visible particles in ampoules, vials, and transparent glass bottles

Apollo II Dimmable Liquid Inspection Unit from The Adelphi is an easy-to-use system designed for the inspection of visible particles in transparent glass containers. It can effectively detect any visible particulate contaminants like hair, fibers, glass, proteinaceous particles, silicone droplets, or inorganic precipitates in transparent glass bottles, vials, and ampoules. The lamp unit installed has a light level between 1,200 and 3,500 Lux, adjustable by dimmer control, depending on the light in the room. The intuitive assembly is simply operated by swirling the container under inspection, in front of both panels, light-colored particulates will be visible in front of the black panel, while dark-colored particulates will be visible in front of the white panel. Bulbs are rated to have a high service life of 50,000 hours, which would be more than 17 years when used in an 8-hour shift.


  • Intuitive assembly and disassembly
  • Small footprint, easy to store
  • Easily foldable frame saves space and inspection surfaces fold together to prevent damage
  • Ergonomic design with height and angle adjustment for greater operator comfort