Laboratory aerator for food products

Successful innovators in the food, chemicals, and plastics industries need reliable mixing and aeration equipment for producing high-quality consistent foams. Developing new products and processes in these industries requires laboratory equipment with production-level features like automatic gas dosing and precise control of process variables to ensure results that are reproducible. Here is laboratory equipment for the development of processes that are ready to be scaled to production levels.

A fully automatic aerator/foam generator for the laboratory

The Pico-Mix from Hansa Mixer comes in two distinct variants, one for the food industry, and one for non-food industries such as plastics and chemicals processing. The machines are essentially the same as the food industry variant including design options for compliance with food industry standards and regulations. Pico-Mix is a fully automated mixing and aerating/frothing system for pumpable liquids designed for flexibility, and accuracy. The process is tightly controlled to assure reproducible results in a production setting. Typical foam densities generated are between 50 a 900 g per liter. The mixing head is temperature-controlled and includes a double-action floating ring seal. The systems provide automatic gas dosing precisely conforming to your recipe. Air volume/foam weight are displayed and controlled via a user-friendly touch control panel. Contrary to other laboratory aerators, Hansa Mixer’s Pico-Mix includes a gasket-free eccentric spiral pump and temperature-controlled receiver tanks.


  • Uses a gasket free, low maintenance pump
  • Output capacities from 1-12 Kg per hour
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Create foam densities from 50 to 900 g per liter
  • Uniform foam density assured by automatic gas dosing