Industrial bottle washing machine

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and glass bottles are widely used in the beverage industry as well as in labs. Since it is more ecological to wash bottles than recycle them, mineral springs, breweries, and soft drink bottlers or manufacturers use industrial bottle washing machines to clean PET and glass bottles. However, bottle washing is a task that demands the highest levels of product safety, sterilization and hygiene. Along with meeting sanitization requirements, it’s also essential that the machine uses water economically.

Clean and disinfect bottles in a cost-effective way

Designed with a low bottle discharge unit, automated conveyor and a low overall height, the Arcade GEL series cleaning system by GM Gera is ideal for washing bottles in an environment-friendly and economical way. The three models can wash up to 17,000 bottles per hour (BPH), 12,000 BPH, and 7,000 BPH.

With a compact design, the Arcade GEL series combines low space requirements with a high-performance. Their low height, coupled with low-built bottle discharge and infeed units, enable users to use them in a limited space.

Furthermore, all components are optimally designed to ensure high serviceability and durability. Boasting low heat consumption, low disinfectant carry-over proportion, and economical use of water, the Arcade GEL is able to meet the increasing demands of the beverage industry from both ecological and economic points of view.


  • Ecologically friendly solution for bottles reusage
  • Bottle infeed is designed with a single-button switch-off
  • Internal self-cleaning GM rotary tube system ensures straight and oblique spraying
  • Pre-spraying system automatically removes dirt and increases output
  • Fully automatic bottle washing system
  • Stainless steel machine prevents rust and ensures longevity