Homogenizer for creams

Homogenization (or pharmaceutical micronization) is the process of reducing particle sizes, and is a vital step in making pharmaceutical creams and ointments more stable and clinically effective, and in producing high quality cosmetics. Homogenizing under vacuum produces the highest quality results, and a bespoke plant built to your exact requirements will increase your productivity and quality.

Homogenization plants for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors

The homogenization plants from Ipros are a custom-built solution for the manufacture of high quality creams, ointments and other suspensions, whether under pharmaceutical or non-pharmaceutical production conditions.

Ipros modular design allows full configuration over mixing and homogenising equipment. Options range from vacuum processing to processing under the most stringent sterile and/or toxic conditions. The integrated engineering of the counter-rotating gearbox brings mixing, homogenising, cleaning, sterilisation, and drying systems together into one validated piece of equipment.

A range of solutions for Clean in Place and Sterilise in Place (CIP and SIP) can be selected to fit your exact production needs, and Ipros is pleased to offer the highest performing CIP/SIP performance currently available on the market, perfect for stringent pharmaceutical production.


  • Bespoke design to meet your exact requirements
  • Best-in-class CIP/SIP solutions for pharmaceutical production
  • Available in high pressure and vacuum homogenizing versions
  • Suitable for a wide range of liquid and semi-solid products