High speed automatic tube filler

For high-volume lines filling pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food products into tube containers, high speed and throughput must not come at the compromise of fill accuracy and sealing quality. High performance tube filling machines successfully match performance with quality, using a range of technological advances to ensure the maximum efficiency and rapid ROI.

World’s fastest high efficiency tube filler with advanced features

The TFS-80 Series from IWK is a high-performance, next-generation tube filling machine that is most suited for large scale production environments. It features up to 24  workstations that can handle tubes from 22 to 40mm in diameter and can accurately dose from between 2 ml and 220 ml of product at up to 750 tubes per minute.

The TFS-80 Series is officially the world’s fastest tube filler, and yet it’s new weight checking and quality control system guarantees accuracy, reducing tube overfilling significantly. By using a clever modular design, workstations can be retrofitted with ease for maximum flexibility and future expansion, making development of new packaging or product types simple.

Because it operates with such high performance, the TFS-80 Series has been engineered for reliability and efficiency. Many traditional mechanical actions have been rendered obsolete by the use of servo technology throughout. State of the art bearings with central lubrication system allow for long service intervals, reducing maintenance costs.

For greatly reduced downtime caused by product changes, fast exchange systems are employed. New motion parameters are automatically set via servo drives in case of product changes. The touch screen panel HMI makes these operations quick and easy, as well as allowing simple monitoring of the machine in use. Internet access allows remote diagnostics, further reducing any downtime.

Despite the high performance of the TFS-80 Series, it’s been designed to occupy as compact a form-factor as possible, providing maximum flexibility when it comes to your own installation.


  • World’s fastest tube filling machine
  • Accuracy and performance guaranteed by on-board checkweighing and quality systems
  • Servo drives reduce reliance on traditional mechanicals, lengthening service intervals and improving reliability
  • Wide range of option modules allows for efficient changeover to different products
  • Easy operator controls with remote process, diagnostic and servicing functions