High-precision X-ray fill level controller

High-speed, high precision X-ray system to inspect containers that are difficult to see through, such as cans or cartons lined with aluminium.

State of the art fill level inspection for foiled containers and bottles

The Newton X2Z from Miho is an X-ray fill level inspection unit that inspects foiled containers and bottles. It distinguishes itself by requiring less than a tenth of the average amount usually used for inspection by radiation for its measurement process. And thus the amount of radiation exposure is also reduced. This reduction is due to X-ray technology developed for this purpose by Miho inspection system.

The core piece of the High-precision X-ray fill level controller  is an X-ray generator, which in contrast to traditional X-ray fill level inspection units only generates X-rays for a short moment during the measuring process. The total radiation intensity is therefore only a fraction of what is the case with traditional X-ray fill level inspection units. The exact value depends upon the number of containers inspected.


  • High level of accuracy
  • Refined determination of the exact fill level
  • Inspects cans and cartons lined with aluminum
  • Requires less amount of radiation