Gravimetric powder microdosing 2 – 100 g

Powders and granules are commonly dosed for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and high-value foods. Highly accurate dosing and tight sealing is crucial in these production processes to maintain product quality and avoid any errors. You thus need a dosing solution which is made to measure micro-ingredients accurately while being able to meet the strictest requirements of pharmaceutical industry.

Highly accurate and efficient dosing system

Alba’s Dosing system MILLI is a gravimetric dosing system which can help you achieve fast and highly precise dosing of free-flowing powders and granulates. It has a dosing capacity of 1-100g depending on the characteristics of your powder. It can be used both as a stand-alone device or incorporated in programmable logic controlling systems.

The gravimetric powder microdosing 2 – 100 g has a modular design which makes it very flexible to be customised according to your specific needs. Its adaptive control algorithm adjusts the frequency of the vibrating feeder by keeping a constant check the flow of material and weight. It thus guarantees high accuracy throughout the dosing range. It has extremely accurate dosing units which only requires a dosing time of 7 – 15 seconds. It is also certified to be used in explosive zones 21 and 22.


  • Available as a standalone system
  • Very accurate for small doses
  • Modular design makes it versatile