Entry level HFFS Machine for flat sachets

Traditional horizontal form fill and seal sachet machines for lower volume lines are often fixed in the sachet type they can fill, restricting their flexibility and reducing cost-effectiveness. An entry-level sachet machine that has been purpose-designed to be able to produce a range of sachets adds value and increases the return on investment.

Flexible machine for packaging solids and liquids in flat sachets

The Bossar Packaging B1400 is a uniquely versatile HFFS machine designed for forming a variety of flat sachets and filling them with liquid or solid contents.

Robustly made, the B1400 uses traditional walking beam transport systems powered mechanically by cam drives. This offers good levels of reliability coupled with ease of maintenance and adjustment. Its well-engineered mechanical drive system keeps operating noise levels to less than 80dB.

B1400 can be fitted with up to 2 filling stations which allows a throughput of up to 220 sachets per minute. In standard configuration, the B1400 can fill 110 sachets per minute with up to 400cc of contents.

Flexibility is the B1400’s greatest strength. This machine can produce either flat 3- or 4-sided seal sachets, twin sachets, flat sachets with eurohole or display perforation, flat sachets with partial shape, or sachets for wet wipes.

Featuring a cleverly designed pouch-stretching station, the B1400 opens its sachets as wide as possible, enabling a higher filling grade.



  • Fill a range of sachet types with just one machine
  • Wider sachet opening system allows higher filling grade
  • Option for duplex operation up to 220 units per minute
  • Robust mechanical design for longevity and less downtime
  • Fill volumes up to 400cc