Empty bottle shape, colour and size sorting system

Accurate bottle sorting system that differentiates between the bottles on the basis of their colour, shapes and sizes.

Sort on bottle colour, shapes and sizes

The Multicon 3 from Miho is an accurate bottle sorting system with a detection facility for all optical features of the bottle. Any differences in bottle-shape, colour and size can be detected and the system is able to make a fine distinction, so that only bottles of the required bottle-type enter to the filling process.

It can also sort the remaining bottles in accordance with the criteria set by the user and divert these bottles onto different conveyors. One of the strong points of the Miho Multicon 3 is the compensation of different classic disruptive factors which, until now, have led to incorrect sorting.


  • Inspection of the bottles shape and height
  • Inspection of the bottles colour and brightness
  • Colour evaluation of the entire bottle and therefore
  • No influence of residual liquids or labels