Downflow booth

Provides the highest levels of operator protection from potentially harmful airborne contaminants generated during manual powder handling operations such as sampling, charging and dispensing.

Remove airborne particles from the operator’s breathing zone

The downflow booth from Telstar Life-Science operates on a re-circulatory airflow principle. Clean laminar flow air is supplied from the ceiling, suppressing any dust clouds generated during any processing operation and removing airborne particles from the operator’s breathing zone (OEL < 100 µg/m3).

The fact that the booth works with a net inward airflow, ensures airborne contamination cannot escape into the external environment completing the many advantages of this effective containment system.

Down flow booths are frequently used in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, fine Chemical, Food and Nanotechnology industries.


  • Enhanced levels of operator protection (Class ISO 5)
  • Fully configurable to meet the specific needs
  • Minimizes cross contamination risk from other products/processes
  • Flexibility to handle a large range of container types (i.e. fibre kegs, bags, IBC's, etc.)
  • Capability to integrate additional process equipment