Compact horizontal laminar flow bench

HEPA filtered horizontal laminar airflow (cross-flow) creates an optimized free space for manipulation with ISO 14644-1 (Class 5) conditions.

Compact booth that offers easy access to manipulate non-hazardous products

Mini-H from Telstar Life-Science are Horizontal laminar flow benches which offer the highest product protection versus dust and contamination in an open cabinet for non-hazardous samples such as cell and tissue cultures, food testing preparation, injectable medicine preparation. It also fits for micromechanics, optics and electronics.

The Compact horizontal laminar flow bench comes with HEPA filtered air; it’s particle free and flushes the product preparation space with laminar flow, preventing direct or cross-contamination.

Thanks to its very compact size, Telstar Mini-H permits the installation of a product protection cabinet near the place where the product is utilized.


  • Cabinet frame is made of epoxy powder coated finish zinctec steel
  • Minimized width and height are compatible with all laboratory doors and dimensions
  • Easy access to main filter from the chamber, for replacement
  • Removable tempered glass chamber sides
  • Class 100 workstation according to Fed. Std. 209 and BS 5295