Compact aerator for pumpable media

Many processes in food production and standard industry require high-quality, customized mixing equipment to ensure consistent results. At the same time, successful producers are often faced with limited available floor space as their operation expands.  Here is mixing equipment specifically designed to use as little of your valuable floor space as possible without compromising on capability.

Accurately mix large volumes of a wide variety of liquids with a minimized footprint

The Compact-Mix from Hansa Mixer is a compact aerator for pump-able media. It comes in two distinct variants, one for the food industry, and one for non-food industries. The machines are essentially the same as the food industry variant including design options for compliance with food industry standards and regulations. Compact-Mix is a high-capacity mixing system for pump-able liquids designed for flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency. Up to 3 pumps are built into the frame and the use of additional dosing pumps allows exact dosing of additional substances into the mixing chamber.

Many options exist for the integration of unique mixing heads, flow sensors, cleaning systems, seals, control systems, and monitors. The systems provide high production capacity precisely conforming to your recipe for a wide variety of input ingredients.  In this way, the production of large quantities of high-quality product formations is assured while the machine is designed for a minimum overall floor space requirement.



  • Variants for food-grade production as well as for standard industry
  • Output capacities available from 50 to 2,000 Kg per hour depending on the particular model
  • Up to 3 pumps build into the frame
  • Options for Automatic operation, CIP-cleaning systems temperature control devices and double-walled piping are available
  • Sterilizable construction of shaft seals with mixing heads fabricated from a single piece of laser-welded stainless steel

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