Cleaning and sterilization systems

An increasingly vital part of high quality pharmaceutical production is a dedicated Clean in Place/Wash in Place/Sterilize in Place system (CIP / WIP / SIP). The best way to implement a CIP/SIP solution is to design it into your process. Automating your cleaning cycles has the effect of converting a batch pharmaceutical process into a continuous operation of production and cleaning cycles, increasing efficiency and output, and reducing cost.

Bespoke CIP/SIP systems for pharmaceutical processes

Ipros can supply a full range of CIP/SIP systems for the pharmaceutical industry, ranging from mobile independent units through to complex systems with diverse CIP satellites fed with conditioned cleaning solutions. Everything is tailored to your exact requirements.

The CIP systems designed by Ipros can be incorporated into any equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry, including both solid and liquid dosage formulation systems. By incorporating spray systems, tank cleaners, nozzles and seals to your line the cleaning process will be fully automated, eliminating manual cleaning, reducing the cleaning cycle time, and reducing the use of water and cleaning solutions.

At the heart of every system is an advanced Wash Liquid Preparation Unit (WLPU). This controls and monitors all preheating, mixing and pumping of detergents and pure water. It can automatically adjust flow rate, detergent concentration, temperature and wash time, and allows full process validation.

All Ipros CIP/SIP system skids are designed, engineered, fabricated and tested inhouse, ensuring your exact requirements are met throughout the entire phase, from initial design through to commissioning in your plant.


  • Bespoke integrated CIP/SIP solutions to meet your exact requirements
  • Rapid ROI thanks to reduced costs, reduced labour, reduced cycle time
  • Incorporation in any existing pharmaceutical equipment
  • Qualified Project/Process Engineer assigned to your project from start to finish

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