Centrifugal mixer for batters and creams

Batters, creams and other delicate sauces and emulsions take time to mix, reducing production efficiency. The technology employed by centrifugal mixers speeds up the production time of these products without impacting on quality. This improves throughput and increases return on investment.

Flexible centrifugal mixer for fast production of lighter bakery and confectionery mixes

The Tonelli Centrifugal Mixer-MU has been designed specifically for the high efficiency production of batters for cakes, meringue premixes, and the homogenization and mixing of creams, sauces and mayonnaises.

Centrifugal mixing technology allows for thorough mixing or emulsifying at much higher speed than traditional mixers without compromising on quality.

Suitable for a wide range of production environments, the Centrifugal Mixer-MU has a variable operating capacity from as little as 10kg up to 400kg. This makes it extremely flexible as well as providing the ability to increase capacity as future production volumes grow, removing the need to acquire new machinery.

Centrifugal Mixer-MU has a range of ingredient loading options, including manual load, volumetric and pump dosing, as well as loading cell scales.

Adding even more versatility the Centrifugal Mixer-MU can also be used as a scraps mixer, improving the return on investment even further.


  • Reduce mixing time for a range of batters, creams and emulsions
  • Flexible operating capacity means better return on investment
  • Operate with manual or automatic dosing of ingredients
  • Highest quality results with even delicate mixes
  • Reduces costs as it can be used as a scraps mixer

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