Case packer machine for pouches

Automated case packer machines are a good solution to achieve reliability and to increase the production cycle in the last step of the packaging process. These machines insert products, like flexible packaging as pouches, inside of shipping cases, in order to prevent damage and to optimize transport.

Flexible packaging solution to load pouches in cases

Senzani CPTL case packers are used for packing different products in a so-called American cases (a regular slotted container) using top-load filling with a production speed up to 25 cases per minute. With CPTL, three steps of the production process (case opener, filling and sealing) are put together, and several products such as cartons, doypacks, pouches, bags, flowpacks and tins can be packed.

All equipment movements are simultaneous and synchronised, to guarantee high speed and a good case form. The cases are kept in shape in the transfer phases towards the filling area thanks to the transport chains and catenaries.

It’s easy to change the shape and size of the packaging, there is no need for any additional tools. The size changeover set includes instructions on the operator’s manual to avoid mistakes. Photocells detect any irregularities in the case sealing, self-adhesive tape or hot-melt glue. This automatic control system ensures very good reliability.


  • 3 in 1 machine for opening, filling and sealing
  • Photocell error detection in the sealing process
  • Intuitive interface and video tutorial
  • Handling of a wide range of box formats
  • Brushless motor to help reduce maintenance time