Capsule checkweigher

The production of pharmaceutical capsules requires that individual doses are checked for accuracy. In a production environment this also needs to be done at speed. Fast throughput and ease of use are important in a production scale checkweigher.

High accuracy, easy-to-use weight checkers for a range of production scales

The Sejong Pharmatech iW Series of production weight checkers have been specifically designed to give the highest accuracy whilst maximising throughput and simplifying operation and maintenance.

Available in 4 variants, the iW series is capable of checking 10,000, 60,000, 120,000 or 180,000 units per hour to suit your exact requirements.

The highly accurate weight cell used offers accuracy of +/-2mg whilst operating at these speeds, and the simple to use touchscreen display provides instant graphical feedback on the performance of the unit. The control system is fully 21CFR part 11 compliant for record-keeping and monitoring.

Able to handle a range of capsule sizes from #000 to #5, the machine has two output paths, one for pass, one for reject. Optional extras include air conveyor to transport capsules from the pass chute to storage container.

The machines are top loaded for convenience and feature built-in castors to allow easy movement of location or to access parts of the machine for maintenance and inspection.


  • High speed combined with high accuracy improves production efficiency
  • Available in a range of capacities to suit your exact requirements
  • Simple to operate with full touchscreen control and status monitoring
  • Measurable weight range from 0 to 1,800mg for complete flexibility

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