Automatic Depalletizers

When time is precious, unloading your products quickly, efficiently and safely is exactly what you need. However, this can be complicated depending on the size and shape of what you’re unloading. This is why selecting the right depalletizer is essential.

Depalletizers for loose containers, cases and cartons

The Dorado and Antares Automatic Depalletizers from OCME offer five models to fit your needs. For loose containers, such as plastic bottles, cans and very unstable and irregular shapes, the fixed-pallet Dorado LF provides a self-adjusting gripping head and maximum output of 4 layers per minute; while the Dorado HMB and HMC come with full-height lateral pallet guides and output of 6 layers per minute.

Crates, cases, drums and cartons, the Antares L (maximum output: 9 layers/min) easily adjusts to different formats and securely grips the layer, while the Antares H (with output speed up to 15 layers/min) provides optimum adjustability to different formats.


  • Depalletizers can reach output speeds between 4 to 15 layers per minute
  • Diverse models to match your needs
  • Easy adjustment to different formats, whether loose containers, cases, crates, drums and cartons
  • Secure gripping
  • Variable guides to protect against accidental dropping