API powders storage bottle

Users who prefer rigid storage over single-use pharma charge bags, require lightweight solutions for easy handling, especially when storing and transferring active pharmaceutical ingredients. The containers must clamp securely to equipment to ensure no powder loss or cross-contamination and make efficient use of space when stored.

Bottles for Convenient Storage and API Powder Transfer

Ezi-Dock pharma process bottles were designed to be used with Split Butterfly Valves. They have unique square design ensuring a more compact footprint per unit of storage in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical laboratories. Their filling and dispensing necks feature a standard 6-inch Tri-Clamp neck design that uses an injection-moulded adaptor to connect to laboratory equipment receiving the product.

These versatile containers are available in a variety of sizes including 15, 25, 30 and 40 litre capacity. Bottles are in individual cartons packed in quantities of 84, 60, 48, and 36 respectively for space-efficient storage. They are made of high-density polyethylene that is blow-moulded to comply with the U.S. Pharmacopeia standard.


  • Unique square design saves on transport and storage
  • Specifically designed for active pharmaceutical powders and granules
  • Meets requirements of U.S. Pharmacopeia Class VI HDPE
  • Material contains a permanent, non-migrating anti-static additive
  • Special labelling system ensures full batch traceability