A two-component filling application tube filler

A wide variety of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products require tube-style packaging. An automated tube-filler adds flexibility to production lines by not only filling, sealing and capping tubes with high levels of accuracy, but also offering additional features such as labelling and in-built quality checks.

Tube filler with additional flexible features

The TFS-15 from IWK is an automatic tube filling machine that operates in the lower speed range, and is suitable for moderate scale production lines. It features 10 workstations that can handle tubes from 10 to 60mm diameter and can accurately dose from between 1.5 ml and 400 ml of product at up to 90 tubes per minute. High-precision dosing is guaranteed by an infinitely variable, play-free direct pump drive.

The highly flexible TFS-15 allows for rapid changeover between tube and product types. Product-handling parts are changed out as one unit. Sizing parts can be simply and quickly changed out without the use of tools. These minimise downtime associated with product changes.

The TFS-15 also offers two-component filling and the ability to fill applicators, expanding the range of products it can be used with. Labelling can be achieved with laser or inkjet printing as well as embossing.

Designed to deliver constant high quality tube folding or sealing, the TFS-15 has inbuilt quality control checking that will detect and eject bad tube seals and incorrectly fitted or missing caps.

Suitable for use with a wide range of products, the TFS-15 can fill and close cylindrical (with EURO-hole, curved seal) oval or conical tubes, dispensers (including inserting of pistons), mascara brushes, cartouches, jars, and tottles (with capping).


  • Short changeover times minimise downtime, increase productivity
  • High-quality tube fold and tube seal functions reduce rejections
  • No mechanical drive in the filling area prevents product contamination
  • Minimum maintenance due to optimal mechanical machine components
  • Able to fill and close a wide range of tubes

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