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Batch processing of dry foods

Whether batch processing is simply a first step in your development or it is your operation philosophy, you will benefit from state of the art technology.  Are you taking special care to make sure the taste, sight, smell, and touch of your dry foods will meet the expectations? Do you concentrate valuable ingredients out of carefully sourced products? When working with dry foods, ensuring a hygienic production environment will be top of mind. Product safety, process reliability and equipment cleanability are important aspects in selecting food processing equipment.
We have experience with a broad range of process equipment designed for mixing, drying, vacuum drying or freeze drying and milling solutions. We also have very effective batch solutions for adding powder to liquids or adding liquids to powders. When you are developing your own special artisan coffee or chocolate we can help you reach the desired quality of your end product and improve your workflow. Amongst others, we have solutions the gentle mixing of tea leaves, spices and flavourings. We can help to de-dust powders that contain sugar to decrease risk of dust explosions and improve maintenance intervals of equipment.

Mixing Flour, Cocoa or Bakery Powders.

We have solutions for the gentle homogenization and accurate mixing of sugar containing powder mixes. Or to efficiently mix cocoa liquor, cocoa powder, sugar, and lecithin in small batches. We can also achieve shorter batch times when you are mixing baby food formulas. Precise mixing of different grades and different types of gelatine is possible in flexible batch sizes. Or we can help homogenize flour, salt, milk powder and additives for consistent top quality bakery pre-mixes. In general, whether you are batch processing free-flowing pellets, granules, flakes, powders or friable products, we would love to hear from you.

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