Chocolate surface filling for cup cakes

Customers are used to seeing pretty cupcakes with topping and fruits on top. A cupcake without anything is simply boring and will stay on the store shelf till the expiration date. At the same time, big topping can make hands dirty, and that is very inconvenient. So, the question is – how to put filling on top so precisely that there is not a single drop that can end up on hands?

Industrially produced vs Hand-made cupcakes

There are generally two types of cupcakes in the world: hand made and industrially made cupcakes. You can find handmade ones in home bakeries, coffee shops, and restaurants. As they are made by a cook one by one, customers do not expect them to be perfect and identical. Every difference only proves that the product was actually made by hand. But industrially made bakery products that are sold in the store face totally different customers’ expectations. Every drop of chocolate in the wrong place will be a sign of a low quality. This is where professional chocolate making equipment, and other similar machinery can help those on an industrial or commercial scale.

Technology for perfect filling.

Surface printing technology can help to prevent this kind of problems. The industrial vision system in combination with droplet-patterns for depositor’s heads ensures depositing a perfect circle on the cupcake surface will make customers happy. One of the main advantages of this printing technology is software flexibility that allows not only to create perfect cupcakes but also to fill cookies, waffles, or even pizzas.

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