High speed decorator for donuts

Donuts quite simply need decorations. The added value through unique and visually appealing decorations provide a taste for the eyes and the mouth. And so, if you are looking for a sophisticated unit that is capable of just that, you are at the right place.

Multi-nozzle donuts decoration with full customization

The SDL (Stationary Depositor Large) from Foodjet is a stationary, high-speed donut decorator that can work with individually controlled FJ28 nozzle jets, making this system a suitable option for mass donut decoration. It is available in deposition widths ranging from 600-1600mm.

Furthermore, with nozzle sizes ranging between 400-1500 micron, the unit can accurately dispense between 50-750L/hour of foodstuffs. Decoration can be made in a range of different fully customizable patterns with accuracy better than 0.5 mm, allowing for unique and attractive new decoration designs. Unique vision system ensures that the design is perfectly printed in the donut without any spilling. The pump unit can hold up to 70L of liquid foodstuff at a time, making this system ideal for mass production. Furthermore, the unit is very low maintenance as there are no moving parts that can get worn out or damaged over time.


  • Integrated memory allows for different customizable depositor patterns
  • Option for complete individual control of the nozzles
  • Cost-efficient and cheap to maintain
  • Can dispense between 50-750L of foodstuffs per hour