High speed decorator for filled biscuits

Filling or decorating biscuits was always a difficult task. Sometimes biscuits are not perfectly aligned, and the filling ends up not being straight, sometimes there is too little filling, sometimes too much. All these problems together lead to a not-perfect product. Having an automatic decorating system would bring the product up to customers’ expectations.

Precise filling jam in biscuits on high speed

A depositing solution like the SDL (Stationary Depositor Large) from Foodjet is fully capable of fulfilling the task. Together with the 70L liquid stuffing tank, the FJ28 depositor head and its nozzle sizes ranging between 400-1500 micron, it has the ability to process a large number of cookies or biscuits and dose the decoration with a precision better than 0.5mm

Furthermore, the SDL is integrated with an illuminated vision camera hood on the entry side in order to maximize productivity by ensuring that every biscuit is precisely filled while minimizing the waste of foodstuff.


  • A continuous flow of decoration material
  • Individually controlled nozzle dispenser jets for full customization
  • Cost-efficient maintenance and minimal cleaning requirements
  • Fully compliant with a range of liquid supply systems to meet different requirements and characteristics

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