Water oil separation centrifuge

Some industries, such as petrochemical, generate large volumes of oily wastewater due to the amount of oil used. Oil and water separation is a big challenge as their densities are close, emulsion occurs, and prolonged separation time. The right centrifuge has to take all these factors into account and then must be able to handle the continuous, large capacity operation and fast separation.

Extracting two immiscible liquids

The RINA SRP S by Riera Nadeu is super centrifuges used to separate two non-miscible liquid phases of different densities, such as the purification of fuel oil, organic and inorganic products liquid/liquid separation, contractors oil purification, and many others. It has a vertical decanting tubular bowl centrifuge, turning very high speed (15.000G mini). During separation, an appropriate diaphragm and collectors capture the heavy liquid and supernatant light phase separately. Adjusting the feed rate will set the residence time of the product inside the decanting rotor.

The RINA SRP S offers easy operation and requires low maintenance. The full opening casing installed functions to lower noise emissions, guarantee the centrifuge’s safe operation, and easier extraction from the front side per GMP requirements. The casing can also regulate the liquids’ temperature by installing heating or cooling coils. The coils heat or cool the liquids to minimize heat transfer by the rotating rotor’s mechanical heat or warm the product up. The RINA SRP S is also adaptable to work in an explosive hazardous area, install with CIP and SIP system, and install auxiliary or complementary devices when necessary.


  • Sterilizable
  • Full opening doors
  • Reliable, simple, and compact design

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