Vial filling machine

The volume filling of vials, cartridges and syringes is a vital part of the production of a wide range of pharmaceuticals. Traditionally, high-accuracy filling machines operated slowly, decreasing line efficiency and creating a bottleneck for production. The latest generation of vial filling machines offer extreme accuracy coupled with high capacity and a wide range of options.

High capacity filler for vials, cartridges and syringes

Steriline’s VFM Vial Filling Machines have been engineered to offer exceptional accuracy and speed when filling non-toxic and toxic viscous or water-like liquids. Engineers have built the VFM into a reduced footprint for maximum flexibility.

A completely linear transport system offers the maximum throughput, with the ability to handle up to 24,000 pcs/h. This design also facilitates easy, all-round access which makes maintenance and changeover tasks quick and simple, reducing downtime.

To meet your exact requirements, VFM can be fitted with peristaltic and/or volumetric pumps actuated by servomotors. This allows not only for precise filling, but also the quick and simple adjustment of individual pumps via the intuitive HMI.

With a built in 100% IPC or statistical check weighing system with feedback, dosing is automatically changed if required to ensure accuracy even at the greatest throughput speeds.

VFM is able to fill vials from 2R-100H vial and cartridges from 1-3 ml. It is fully compliant with all relevant cGMP, GAMP and 21CFR Part11 requirements.


  • Continuous, high accuracy filling of vial, cartridges and syringes
  • Nitrogen purge of vessels before, during and after filling maintaining quality
  • Small form factor and linear layout reduces downtime for maintenance or changeover
  • Can operate at up to 24,000 pcs/h

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